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Star Strangled Bastards

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"the Star Strangled Bastards took the stage. Classic old school mohawk punk with good tight songs. Fast, Hard & Loud. That's the way it's done, period! These Guys were Great!"-100 Punks! Magazine.

Star Strangler E-Zine

Brand Fuckin New! 13 Song Debut CD from these guys brought to you by John Mauer of Social Distortion. Do not miss this!


Upcoming Shows:

Adolescents w/ Star Strangled Bastards @ Key Club Dec.13th in Hollywood,Ca.

D.I. w/ Star Strangled Bastards @ San Juan Depot Dec. 14th in San Juan Capistrano



This is an unofficial fan-site for the Star Strangled Bastards. If you have heart problems, or weak knees it's not suggested that you read on. If you've got the cojones, then enjoy.

The Band is : Eric Rumaner,Guitar;Joel Nielsen,Vocals;Ted Hahn,Bass; and Mark Bender,Drums.

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This here sight was created by Sir Richie of the High Green Fields, On this day of the Lord, 26th of Novemeber,2001. Wanker.

If you're interested in Hard Core Punk Rock, With just truly pissed off guitar work, evil bass hooks, The Most Evil Drummer Alive (or Dead?) and a vocalist that sings like he's passing a kidney-stone. Look further into these Guys. Check out the rest of this web site to get more info.


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