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Star Strangled Bastards

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A brief story of The Star Strangled Bastards. First off their the biggest pack of goons i have ever known. And i'm glad to call them friends. They have had some member changes since the original lineup. Who i am not aloud to disclose consisted of. Past members though include wash-outs, has beens, and members of D.R.I. and the Scrimmage Heroes. Eric played in several bands in Florida, including the Chosen. Ted played in a popular local act from San Clemente called SPOONFED. Joel, came from Oceanside. Nuff Said. And Mark has played for several bands including the Roswell Project,Full Contact, and the Battalion of Saints. This line-up features 2-old farts, one Mad PONY, and of course a whining drummer. All the elements for a punk band. They've played shows over the last three years with the likes of T.S.O.L, Dr.Know, the Angry Somoans, D.I., D.R.I., Vicious Rumours, Smogtown, Bored to Death, Lisafer, El Nada, the Negatives, Discontent, the Smut Peddlers, and F.K.R. The new shit they have been writing has been really fuckin great. The Star Strangled Bastards wish for you to come down to a show so that they might choke your little neck with some fuckin rad hardcore!! xoxo-Richie

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

This is Joel Passing out stickers to all the wonderful kids that show up to their gigs. This night they played to a Sold-out Show with D.i. @ the Showcase theatre in Corona,CA.