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Star Strangled Bastards

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War crimes

What are you gonna do when the police show up at your house
At two a clock in the morning to arrest you because the government
Has decided that you are a threat   because of your race religion
Political beliefs where you come from or the way you dress
War crime-systematic murder while the world stands by
Genocide-elimination of a race no reason why
What are you gonna do?
Government turns on you
Will you stand and fight?
Or just lie down and die?
Its happened in countries all across the world
People being murdered because they dont fit in
If you think this countrys any different
If you think it cant happen here
Youre a fucking fool.  It can.
War crime-systematic murder while the world stands by
Genocide- total disregard for human life.


Against me
It just never ends
The worlds caving in and I dont know what to do
If I dont find a way out, Im screwed.


_____________________________________________________________________System System of greed

Millions are dying because of their greed
Selling us products that we dont need
Childs in a sweatshop while moms on the street
Selling her body for something to eat
Daddies in jail he got locked away
The cops caught him stealing he knew no other way
Their future is bleak theyve got no hope
The only way out is death its hard to cope
System of greed
Killing me
System of greed
Killing you
System of greed
Killing us
System of greed
Killing everyone 


Billion-dollar corporation
Selling prepackaged salvation
Logic kills and Jesus saves
It all amounts to mental rape
Dont tell me about your god
I will never be like you
I think that Id rather die
The worlds religions are a curse
Preachingso full of hate
No separation of church and state
Talk of heaven in the sky
Dont tell me about your god
I will never be like you
I can think for myself
I think that Id rather die


Burn it down

 Dont talk about the system the systems not for me
I dont give a shit about your fucked society
Dont talk about your rules your rules arent for me
Id rather be dead if I cant be free
They start the wars were the ones that die
They make the laws that control your life
Lock you away if you dont follow along
Why should they decide whats right and wrong
Ill tell you about the system its gotta fucken go
Burn it down burn it down
You lie to the people and think well never know
Burn it down burn it down 


Thief- thief
No I didnt take youre weed
Thief- thief
No it wasnt me
Thief- thief
I didnt take youre alcohol
Thief -thief
No it wasnt me at all
Thief -thief
No I didnt take youre cash
Thief -thief
Swear I didnt take your hash
Thief- thief
Didnt take youre weed
Thief -thief
I no it wasnt me
Didnt take youre weed
No it wasnt me 

We will end youre life

I see the hate in youre eyes
Were the ones that you despise
You think youre better because rich
It wont matter when youre dead in a ditch
Someday-you will get what you deserve
Someday-you will pay the price
Someday-youre gonna push your luck to far
Someday-we will end youre life
Weve been kept down to long
Now were gonna fight back
No concern for the poor
Youve got it all but you want more
You drive around in youre fancy car
When we see you, you wont get far
Try and run but you cant hide
Class war-- homicide 


Police brutality everywhere
Politicians they dont care
Cops kill and get away
Were the ones that give them pay
No fuck no
No- no
Its fucking unacceptable
See the hate out on the street
In the faces of the people you meet
Governor doesnt fuckin care
Police brutality everywhere
They say theyre here to serve and protect
Talk back- Billy club youre face is wrecked
You say youre gonna make them pay
You aint got the money to fight the D.A.

Keep punk alive

 Punk something went wrong
What the fuck happened
Someone killed the songs
Punk were the last few
What the fuck happened
What are we gonna do
Fight back
Still shut down our fucking shows
Dirty looks youre not a bro
Hold us down forever
Well keep up the fight
Braces spikes Mohawk pride
Smash youre local bar tonight
Keeping cops out of mind
Stick up for youre friends
We must fight to keep punk alive
Its the only thing that matters in life
Lets all get together and keep up the fight
We must fight to keep punk alive
Constant battle never ends
Try to be at every show
Stupid fights why no one knows
Thats probably why you dont  

Not to blame 

Im sick of you blaming me
For the way youre life turned out
If you dont like the way things are
Pack youre fucking shit, get out
When things are bad I get the blame
When its good you stake youre claim
I doubt youll ever be happy
Even if you won the lottery
When things are I get the blame
When its good you stake youre claim
Your childhood was rough
Well so was mine quit your fucking whining
I dont have time
Your dad was mean you got beat
He threw your mom out in the street
I thought I could set you free
But now you fucking take it out on me
Its not my fault you hate youre life!! 

American dream

Im a white trash piece of shit
Get me a beer you stupid bitch
Doublewide trailer my life rules
Never went to no fucking schools 
Cause Im a white trash piece of shit
If you dont like it fucker deal with it
Just a white trash worthless fuck
Wanna ride in my pick-up truck?
Monster trucks and nudie bars
Teenage girls and hot rod cars
Moms a junkie daddys dead
Just wanna get drunk and get some head
Born in the south now I live in the west
Everyone knows the U.S. is the best
Did my time in the marines
Now Im living the American dream


Whose war is it?

The smell of death is in the air
Charred bodies everywhere
Lifeless corpse, blistered skin
Is there any way to win?
A fallen friend met his end
Is there hope around the bend?
Sent to a country Ive never been
Fighting a war well never win
Always taught to kill is a sin
I just want this death to end
President said we have to fight
All this murder cant be right
I dont know what were fighting for
President says its time for war
Killing on foreign soil
Is all this murder just for oil?
They say we must fight with pride
When does it become genocide?
Told to fight for god
Told to fight for state
If I dont make it home alive
What will be my familys fate?___________________________________________________________


Star strangled
Strangled born and raised
Star strangled always out of place
Were bastards through and through
Were products of the red white and blue
Hated from our birth
Well take this country for all its worth
Police try to hold us back
Thats when the bastards will attack

 Star strangled bastards

 Rejected by the system
Well fight back until we win
Hated by one and all
Star strangled is our call

Red- cause of the blood that we shed
White-cause its time to fight
Blue-fuck you!